Fundraising Priorities for the Triennium 2019- 2021

The Resource Mobilization Work Plan approved at Standing Committee 54, outlines the fundraising priorities for the Secretariat in the current triennium. Funding for these priority activities is exclusively through voluntary contributions from interested public and private sector entities.

For more information about the priority activities and how to make a contribution contact

List of fundraising priorities

PriorityShort Description
1Ramsar Advisory Missions (RAM)A mechanism under the Convention to enable Contracting Parties access technical expertise and advice to address threats to the ecological character of Wetlands of International Importance, which if not resolved could lead to their loss and degradation.

Gender and wetlands

Strengthening awareness about gender and wetlands and building the capacity of Contracting Parties to mainstream a gender perspective in their implementation of the Convention.


Ramsar Regional Initiatives (RRI)

Support the activities of Regional Ramsar centres to undertake training, capacity building and facilitate regional cooperation.

4World Wetlands Day Annual communication campaign to raise global awareness about wetlands aimed at fostering their conservation, wise use and restoration.
5Wetland Inventories Support Contracting Parties to conduct or complete their national wetland inventories. 
6Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP14)

Facilitate the attendance and participation of Contracting Parties listed on the DAC list as eligible to receive Official Development Assistance and the UN Conference on Trade and Development’s list of Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

7Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP)Support the accomplishment of the priority tasks as listed in the work plan of the Scientific Panel.
8Language Strategies Funding to introduce Arabic as an official language of the Convention and the full integration of French and Spanish.


CEPA Programme

Funding the Conventions' Programme on communication, capacity building, education, participation and awareness.