STRP Outputs

The STRP produces two types of guidance: 

  • Scientific guidance, which provides the basis for technical guidance for policy makers and practitioners and
  • Science-based technical guidance, which responds to specific methodological needs of policy-makers and practitioners with each receiving a different type of technical guidance.

Such guidance can be conveyed in a variety of formats or outputs such as Ramsar Technical Reports, Ramsar Briefing Notes and Ramsar Factsheets with scientific and technical contents. These are core STRP publications. The STRP also prepares, at the request of Contracting Parties, guidance to be annexed to Draft Resolutions. Its inputs are also included in the Ramsar Handbooks and Ramsar Manual. 

Additionally, the target audiences for STRP outputs can be divided into two categories:

  • Policy-makers, including those from the environment and water sectors and other related sectors such as energy, health and sanitation, agriculture, infrastructure; and
  • Practitioners and in particular wetland managers and stakeholders, but also others from related fields, such as protected area managers and staff of wetland education centres

In this page you will find links to the main publications prepared by the STRP. To download these outputs, please visit our Publications page under the Resources section of this website. 

Global Wetland Outlook

Ramsar Policy Briefs

Ramsar Briefing Notes

Ramsar Technical Reports 

Ramsar Factsheets