59th meeting of the Standing Committee

The 59th meeting of the Standing Committee will take place at Secretariat headquarters in Gland, Switzerland, from Monday 21 to Friday 25 June 2021.


New Observer bodies or agencies desiring to receive the recognition as observers attending Standing Committee meetings

According to the Convention’s Rules of Procedure, bodies or agencies desiring to receive recognition as observers for the purposes of attending the Standing Committee meetings shall submit appropriate documentation (constitution of the organization, name and contact of the CEO and qualification in fields relating to the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands) to the Secretariat () for consideration three months prior to the meeting, that is, by 22 March 2021.  Please note that bodies or agencies that already submitted appropriate documentation for SC58 do not need to submit it again.


21 June 2021 - 25 June 2021


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1. Opening statements (no documents)
1.1. Chair of the Standing Committee (United Arab Emirates)
1.2. Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
1.3. International Organization Partners
1.4. Secretary General of the Convention
Procedural matters
2. Adoption of the provisional agenda Show / hide docs
3. Adoption of the provisional working programme (SC59 Doc.3)
4. Admission of observers (SC59 Doc.4)
Administrative and financial matters
5. Report of the Executive Team and Chair of the Standing Committee Show / hide docs
6. Report of the Secretary General (SC59 Doc.6)
7. Report of the Management Working Group (document to be confirmed)
8. Financial and budgetary matters: Report of the Subgroup on Finance
8.1. Report on financial matters for 2018-2020 including the audited statements for 2020 (SC59 Doc.8.1)
8.2. Status of annual contributions Show / hide docs
8.3. Budget scenarios for 2022-2024 and draft resolution on financial and budgetary matters (* includes a draft resolution) (SC59 Doc.8.3)
8.4. Potential financial implications of draft resolutions (SC59 Doc.8.4)
Strategic matters
9. Urgent challenges to the wise use of wetlands to receive enhanced attention: Best practices in the development of wetland inventories (SC59 Doc.9)
10. Report of the Working Group on the Review of the Strategic Plan of the Ramsar Convention * (SC59 Doc.10)
11. Report of the Effectiveness Working Group * (SC59 Doc.11)
12. Review of the Rules of Procedure (SC59 Doc.12)
13. Review of all previous Resolutions and decisions (SC59 Doc.13.1, SC59 Doc.13.2, SC59 Doc.13.3)
14. Report of the Working Group on Observer status in the United Nations General Assembly (SC59 Doc.14)
15. Roles and responsibilities of the Standing Committee * Show / hide docs
16. Enhancing the Convention’s visibility and synergies with other multilateral environmental agreements and other international institutions * (SC59 Doc.16)
17. Communication, capacity building, education, participation and awareness (CEPA)
17.1. Report of the Chair of the CEPA Oversight Panel Show / hide docs
17.2. Report of the Secretariat on World Wetlands Day (no document)
17.3. World Wetlands Day themes for 2022-2024 (SC59 Doc.17.3)
17.4. Implementation of Resolution XIII.1 on World Wetlands Day (declaration by the United Nations General Assembly) (no document)
18. Work plan of the Secretariat for 2021 Show / hide docs
19. Management of requests for data Show / hide docs
Implementation matters
20. Preparation of the 14th meeting of the Conference of the Parties
20.1. Report of the Subgroup on COP14 (no document)
20.2. Report of the Secretariat on COP14 (SC59 Doc.20.2)
20.3. The Ramsar Wetland Conservation Awards (SC59 Doc.20.3 for discussion in closed session – document to members of the Subgroup on COP14 only)
20.4. Process for preparation and review of draft resolutions (SC59 Doc.20.4)
21. Ramsar Regional Initiatives
21.1. Report of the Ramsar Regional Initiatives Working Group * (SC59 Doc.21.1)
21.2. Report of the Secretariat on the Ramsar Regional Initiatives (SC59 Doc.21.2)
22. Report of the Co-chairs of the Independent Advisory Committee on Wetland City Accreditation * (SC59 Doc.22 for discussion in closed session – document to SC members only)
23. Update on the status of Sites on the List of Wetlands of International Importance * (SC59 Doc.23)
24. Draft resolutions submitted by Contracting Parties
Scientific matters
25. Report of the Chair of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (SC59 Doc.25)
26. Draft resolution on future implementation of scientific and technical aspects of the Convention for 2022-2024 * (SC59 Doc.26)
Concluding matters
27. Dates and venues of the 60th and 61st meetings of the Standing Committee (no document)
28. Adoption of the report of the meeting (no document)
29. Any other business (no document)
30. Closing remarks (no document)