Italy adds Busatello Marsh to the Ramsar List

Italy adds Busatello Marsh to the Ramsar List

20 October 2017


Busatello marsh

Italy has designated Busatello Marsh as a Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Site no. 2315). It is the only freshwater marsh remaining after the drainage of a vast system of marshes which, along with the wetlands of the Grandi Valli Veronesi,  once extended over about 30,000 hectares.

The Site consists of the part of the marshland located in the Gazzo Veronese municipality, together with the surrounding farmland and channels. The adjacent Palude di Ostiglia Ramsar Site (Site no. 297) covers the remaining part of the marshland. The Site is raised above the surrounding areas, which subsided after they were drained. It is therefore contained by dykes along its boundary and water is pumped in as necessary.

The Site hosts an abundance of species particular to marshy ecosystems, including 226 plants, more than 170 birds, seven amphibians, six reptiles and numerous invertebrates. Rare plant species are present which are at risk of extinction in the local area. The Busatello Marsh is an important migration stop-over area and breeding ground for birds, including nationally threatened species such as the critically endangered sedge warbler Acrocephalus schoenobaenu, and the endangered Eurasian wryneck Jynx torquilla.