New website features

New website features

15 December 2020

During 2020 we have continued to take steps to improve the experience of our website users and ensure that you are able to find the information and content you need.

We have added a gateway page to the library at, to let users more quickly access key Convention documents such as the text of the Convention, Resolutions and Recommendations of the Conferences of the Contracting Parties, and meeting documents. Users can still easily access the full document archive by switching to the main library.

Through our constituent relationship management (CRM) system we have been able to display on the Convention website the notifications sent to National Focal Points, enabling users to quickly see all the communications to Contracting Parties regarding implementation of the Convention. Clicking on the “notifications” link on the homepage will show the most recent messages; selecting “all notifications” takes the user to a searchable list in the CRM, at

During 2020 the Secretariat has provided capacity-building support to Contracting Parties through training webinars in English, French and Spanish on technical aspects of the Convention. Materials from these webinars can be found on a new page at

The Secretariat continues to take actions on search engine optimization, to improve the results of searches within the website and to ensure that our content is prominent in search engines such as Google.