Simple and synthetic summaries for french Ramsar sites

Simple and synthetic summaries for french Ramsar sites

24 November 2020

To present its Ramsar sites to a wide audience, France wanted to produce sites summaries in a simple and easy-to-access format. For each site, these summaries contain essential, easily readable and well-illustrated information.

France has decided to use the template presented by Uruguay during the COP 12 and entrusted the production of these sites summaries to the Ramsar France association, whose role is to promote the Ramsar label in France and lead the network of french Ramsar sites managers.

Each summary contains on a structured front and back, rich in photographs : the identification elements of the site, a short presentation, the reasons for its designation, its location, the services provided by its wetlands , the pressures exerted on the site, 4 emblematic species of the site, a summary of its biological richness, and finally information about its management.

The summaries can be used by managers to present their site to the public at events such as World Wetlands Day or to explain the stakes of the Ramsar site to newly elected local officials. These sheets will be updated at the same time as the RIS.

These summaries will be gradually translated into English and Spanish to provide for everyone a presentation of the French Ramsar sites. France hopes that this initiative will inspire other Contracting Parties and would be delighted if the "collection" thus constituted allows as many people as possible to discover Ramsar sites all around the world - beyond the RIS, which are reserved for specialists.

All french Ramsar sites summaries are available on the french wetlands resources center and will be progressively added to the RSIS download section.

Download all french sites summaries :ésentation-des-sites-ramsar-français

Also available in the RSIS :