Update on COP14

Update on COP14

15 July 2020

Timeline leading up to COP14

An indicative timeline has been prepared using November 2021 as a possible date for COP14, as shown in table below. The timeline can be adjusted accordingly once the dates for COP14 have been approved by the Standing Committee.



November 2021

14th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP14)

August 2021

COP14 documents published

May 2021

59th meeting of the Standing Committee (SC59)

February 2021

Submission of proposals for draft resolutions

February 2021

SC59 documents published[1]

Pre-Cop meetings

Decision SC58-09: The Standing Committee agreed that two days of regional pre-COP meetings should if possible take place immediately before COP14, at the same location as COP14, and instructed the Secretariat to discuss with the host country the necessary arrangements for two days of pre-COP meetings to take place immediately before COP14.

Decision SC58-10: The Standing Committee agreed that regions should hold virtual meetings in advance of COP14, and instructed the Secretariat to facilitate their preparation and implementation with the support and advice of the Contracting Party regional representative members of the Standing Committee.