Peatlands Global Initiative side event at UNFCCC Conference

9 May 2017, Climate Change Conference, Bonn, Germany

`Advancing global efforts to protect peat from degradation, loss & fire`

The Global Peatlands Initiative is a time-bound, targeted effort by leading experts and institutions to protect peatlands, which are the most space-effective store of carbon on the planet. The Initiative was launched at the climate change conference COP22 in Marrakech in November 2017 with aim to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by protecting peatlands – the world’s largest terrestrial organic carbon stock.

The side event "Advancing global efforts to protect peat from degradation, loss & fire" will provide an an opportunity for governments, institutions, stakeholders and partners to exchange to discuss practical examples and approaches that are advancing efforts to protect peatlands from fires, loss and degradation. It will also enable the participants to discuss general and strategic aspects of the GPI, including how and why advances on peatland issues will require full commitment and participation from various stakeholders and levels.

During the event, countries under the collaboration of the Global Peatland Initiative (e.g. Indonesia, Congo, Peru, Europe), will share their experiences.

Agenda for the side event to be confirmed shorthly

9 de mayo de 2017