55th Meeting of the Standing Committee

The 55th meeting of the Standing Committee took place on 21 October 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00, in the Festival Arena, Dubai.


Report and decisions of the meeting


20 October 2018


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1 Opening statements
1.1 Chair of the Standing Committee (no document)
1.2 Representative of the host country (no document)
2 Adoption of the provisional agenda Show / hide docs
3 Admission of observers Show / hide docs
4 Arrangements for COP13
4.1 Review of the provisional agenda and working programme Show / hide docs
4.2 Process for reviewing draft resolutions (Decision SC54-11) Show / hide docs
5 Nomination of COP13 President and Vice-Presidents
6 Establishment of COP13 committees
6.1 Committee on Finance and Budget
6.2 Credentials Committee
7 Review of the financial implications of COP13 draft resolutions Show / hide docs
8 Financial and budgetary matters
8.1 Budget update for 2018 Show / hide docs
8.2 IUCN review of non-core finances (see SC54 report Annex 5, Report of the Subgroup on Finance, section 2 para.v) Show / hide docs
9 Review of the legal status of Ramsar Regional Initiatives and the implications for the Convention (Decision SC54-30) Show / hide docs
10 Observer status in the United Nations General Assembly (no document)
11 Wetland City Accreditation process Show / hide docs
12 Agenda for the 56th meeting of the Standing Committee Show / hide docs